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Tea Party '07 snapshot - December 16, 2007

tea party '07

This is a snapshot of December 16th donations at 11:59pm.
live tracking here

As of 12/17/07 12:00am Moving Avg1 Since Oct 1
Cash Collected 4 $17.91M
Daily Cashflow $712.2K/day $232.4K/day
Total Donors 4 200648
Donor Rate 294ppl/hr 109ppl/hr
Donation size $101/person $89/person
Q4 Projection $28.59M2 $21.39M

Check the official Ron Paul press release for absolutely exact numbers.

Tea Party Total Graphs Animated progression

Donations Collected, in $1000

Ron Paul's total donations

Donation Rate3, in $1000 per hour

Ron Paul's donation flow

Number of People Donating Per Hour

Ron Paul's donation flow

Donation Size, in $

Ron Paul's donation flow

This is a snaphot of the Tea Party '07 moneybomb.

Data gathered from Ron Paul's donation feed, the same one that feeds the flash donation tracker to the left.

Who made this? I'm Leo, but google may know me as generic shell. I had some spare time on my hands, hence this tracker.

Contact me via email. This page bears no official relation to the Ron Paul campaign, nor is it in any financial way supported by it. I just thought I'd put up some donation graphs.

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